Slindon Pumpkins


We would like to thank all the supporters from over the past 52 years

          Mr Ralph Upton preparing a display during the 1990's

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        Come visit Slindon Pottery which is also along Top Road         01243 814534
The famous Slindon Pumpkin display was installed each Autumn by the beginning of October and continues well into November, weather permitting. Entry was FREE.

We are closed until further notice. 

As well as the display there are many varieties of pumpkins & squashes etc for sale and if you didn't know it , not only are they decorative but you can cook them in many ways.
The late Ralph Upton grew pumpkins in Slindon for over 45 years and started creating the fruit murals as an autumn display in 1968, which attracts visitors from around the world. From September to November (peaking around Hallowe’en) the barns adjoining his former home in Top Road Slindon are festooned with a display created from 50-plus varieties of pumpkin and over 30 varieties of squash. The range of sizes, colours and shapes is extraordinary with additions every year. Ralph and his wife Barbara also wrote a book of recipes to accompany the crop, and their own favourite is a thick creamy soup made from the beautiful blue-grey Crown Prince squash. Following Ralph Upton’s sad demise, aged 87, in June 2009, his son Robin and Ralph’s loyal team kept his tradition alive and preserved Slindon’s reputation as Britain’s pumpkin capital. In 2020 due to Covid19 the business closed.